How to spatchcock a chicken for bbq

How to spatchcock a chicken for bbq

One way to give your guests a little WOW moment at the BBQ is to unveil a whole chicken direct from the grill. Here we will show you how to spatchcock a chicken like a boss.

What does spatchcock mean? Well a whole chicken is quite a large lump of meat, it has parts of different densities and bits that poke out. So the trick to ensure it all cooks at the same time and you don’t end up poisoning your guests is to spatchcock it. This means its basically making the bird more of a uniform shape so it cooks evenly with the added bonus that it actually cooks quicker!

Follow these simple steps and you will have a tender juicy bird every time.

Step 1

You will need

  1. poultry shears or strong kitchen scissors
  2. two long metal skewers
  3. a good rub
  4. ….oh and of course a chicken!

Step 2

  1. Turn the chicken over so the breast is on the board.
  2. Find the spine of the chicken from either end of the cavity.
  3. Using the poultry sheers, snip just to the side of the spine all the way up
  4. Repeat on the other side of the spine

Step 3

  1. open the bird and remove any nastys
  2. dry out cavity with kitchen towel
  3. DO NOT wash as this can spread bugs!
  4. With the heel of you palm lean on the breasts so they flatten to the board

Step 4

  1. Get on metal skewer and push all the way through diagonally
  2. Repeat with other skewer on the opposite side

Step 4

Liberally apply your favourite rub on both sides and massage into all the bird.

If you wanted to be really healthy you could have removed the skin at step 3

Step 5

Using the indirect heat method make sure your bbq is ready.

We used a three burner gas bbq with the far right full on and the middle on low and the first not on at all.

Place breast side down for about 20-25 mins then turn for another 20mins. Check with a meat thermometer that the thighs and breast are all around 75-80 degrees C and the juices run clear

Step 6

Transfer to a board and remove the skewers

Hold aloft and with much dramtic affect place in front of your guests!

That is how to spatchcock a chicken that is guaranteed to get the right results every time. You can also adapt this for other birds as well like pigeon or game, although the cooking time will be much less!

Not sure I try this with a turkey though, don’t think my poor old trusty BBQ would take it.


How to light a charcoal BBQ

How to light a charcoal BBQ

Your meat is ready, the drinks are chilling, the guests are on their way…but do you say to yourself “I dont know how to light a charcoal BBQ ” ?

If the answer is yes then this video will be just what you need to help you.



As we are just starting out on this delicious How to BBQ journey we haven’t had time to film our own video, but seeing this on Youtube allows us to give you the resources you need while you bear with us.


A big thanks to Sussex Web Support

A big thanks to Sussex Web Support

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What is best gas or charcoal?

What is best gas or charcoal?

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