So are you looking for how to BBQ chicken and wondering how to make it properly? BBQ differs from grilling in the sense that it uses an indirect heat source to slow-heat the chicken pieces and hence bring out the flavors slowly and gradually through heating. That’s the true essence of a BBQ. And, the best part of this is you can make a BBQ using either gas stove or charcoal BBQs.

In either case, a grill is used for the process of heating to take place, with gas being the source of heat if you use the gas stove, and burnt charcoals being the source if you use the charcoal BBQs. Reasonably priced grills for both gas and charcoal are readily available, with all necessary instructions. Simply follow them and the right process of making the BBQ. That’s all you need to have a delicious chicken dish ready for you and your near ones to enjoy.

Let’s Find Out the Trick Now

If you have been wondering How to BBQ Chicken, it doesn’t matter if you use gas or charcoal. So, now comes the process of preparing the BBQ. To make the chicken, you’ll need preparing for the magic powder, the BBQ sauce, marinate the chicken cuts with the powder and brush the sauce, grill it well, and you are ready to serve. That’s exactly how easy it is to prepare chicken through barbecuing.

The Magic Powder – the rub

The ingredients (amounts depending on how much you want to prepare) for the dust would include kosher salt, sugar, paprika, chili powder, mustard powder, garlic (in granulated form), grounded cumin, black pepper, and cayenne. Mix all the ingredients very well, and spread them evenly on all sides of the chicken cuts.

The Sauce

For preparing the sauce, you’ll need ketchup, cider vinegar, molasses, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, yellow mustard, hot sauce and your prepared magic powder. Mix them all well and bring to boil, whisking through a few times, keeping the flame low, for 10-12 minutes.

And, Now the Final Step

You’re ready with the ingredients. Time to get the bbq chicken ready. Place the powdered chicken cuts on the grill (preheat the grill for the purpose). Keep them turning upside-down time to time so that all the parts are well cooked. Once they turn golden brown, use a brush and put the sauce on either side of the pieces. When the cuts turn crispy and red from all sides, your BBQ is ready to serve!

Just be careful when you use the heated grills. You can wear gloves for safety. For the rest, the process is not only easy to follow but allows you to enjoy your delicious BBQ. For an afternoon party, or a get together with family and friends, there would be nothing like trying on this absolutely scrumptious hot platter.