What does a BBQ mean to you?

A BBQ is many things to people. It can be about the meat, cooked low and slow. It can be about the right kind of charcoal. It can be about the right sauce or the best rub. How to BBQ is all of this and more.

But one thing you can not deny is above all else its about sharing time with your loved ones and enjoying good food and a drink.

A BBQ is about creating a moment to cherish, with food to remember and people to love.
That is what we firmly and we hope you will join us on the journey to help educate, inform and share

We are in the process of filling this site with all the things you want to know about how to BBQ and get it done right. Like most things this is a labour of love and you never stop learning. So we shall be updating and filling our boots with all things BBQ.

We will have everything from techniques, videos, favourite recipes to hints and tips, all with the single aim of making sure your BBQ goes well whatever the weather.

If you want to share a recipe or have a question ask then reach out and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Our Blog

How to light a charcoal BBQ

Your meat is ready, the drinks are chilling, the guests are on their way...but do you say to yourself "I dont know how to light a charcoal BBQ " ? If the answer is yes then this video will be just what you need to help you.    As we are just starting out on this...

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How to BBQ Sausages

Whether you are using charcoal grill or gas grill you must know how to BBQ sausages while preparing barbecue dishes for you and your family and friends. In fact fresh BBQ sausages are not processed when you are ready to cook them. They must be prepared in...

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