Fish is one of the most amazing and healthy foods that you can enjoy. So take the time to learn How to BBQ Fish . It can be done in different ways such as being fried, boiled, stewed and grilled as well. It is believed that BBQ fish is the best as it cooks well and maintains its natural nutrients. There are main types of fish that one can eat; both fresh water and those of from the sea. As they say there are plenty more fish in the sea ( as long as you chose sustainable fish!).

Preparations for BBQ fish

Before start, make sure the grill is properly heated. You want the fish to cook, not sit there and wait and dry out.

Fish are perfect to be marinated using herbs and spices to increase the flavour of the fish. Fresh herbs such as lemon, garlic, rosemary, thyme, coriander go great and help the flavour.

Different types of fish are best grilled depending on the kind of fish it is. Fish that have a slightly rougher texture such as tilapia, sole and flounder, are best barbecued in a packet of foil or in a grill basket. For those with a smoother skin or firm flesh like tuna, salmon, swordfish and halibut is best grilled directly. The heat cooks the fish quickly and gives it that lovely char and smokiness.

Cooking fish on a gas BBQ

Gas BBQ are quick and efficient to use to barbecue fish. They are faster to light since one simply turns on the power and the grill gets heated up. If the gas BBQ has a hood or cover, it is advisable to cover the grill area so that the barbecue heats up quickly and cooks the fish well.

When you are ready to barbecue fish, turn down the heat a little so that you do not burn the fish and place the already marinated fish at the centre of the grill.

As you control the heat, remember to turn the fish on both sides so that one side does not turn black. The appearance of fish should be a light brown and it should be as crispy as possible.

Cooking fish on a charcoal BBQ

You will need to look for dry charcoal that will light up quickly when you want to barbecue fish. Moreover, you will need to apply oil to both sides of the fish so that it does not stick on the grill plate. After lighting the charcoal, close all the vents so that heat does not escape and place the fish at the centre of the grill.

If applied directly to the grill continuously turn the fish until it has the brown colour that gives it the crispy effect.

Our recipes section will contain many more recipes that can help you to know How to BBQ fish and prepare a tantalizing meal of bbq fish that will spice up.