Well we are up and running!

OK, maybe not running but taking small tentative baby steps into the wonderful world that is on-line blogging! We will stumble, we will fall but with hard work and perseverance we shall hit our stride with the help of our tech people at Sussex Web Support.

We wanted to start this blog purely to share with others the joy of a good BBQ and all that goes with it. Whether its the primeval urge to play with fire, the aroma of wood smoke, the many fantastic recipes that can be made or just to enjoy socialising with a cold drink and good friends, that’s what we want to promote.

We couldn’t of done this without the fantastic guys at Sussex Web Support. Not wanting this to sound like an advert they are the clever technical people behind us. From email and web hosting things to “Search engine optimisation” (apparently that’s something we need!).

They are amazing and have held our hands all the way, they helped us pick the server back-end thing and then helped us set it all up. We must admit we are still finding our feet with it all but they don’t mind us shouting out to them saying “what does this button do”!

Now its down to us, we just need to fill up this blog, safe in the knowledge that if we break stuff they can fix it!


So here’s to you guys at Sussex Web Support and your fabulous website maintenance packages! …..Thanks loads 🙂